Delivery & Shipping Policy

Delivery & Shipping Policy

Once the payment is realized, the Ticket(s) will be dispatched through FedEx (or similar leading courier company) to the delivery address given at the time of booking. The Delivery time can vary from 1-15 days depending upon the type and place/region of delivery. The tracking numbers and shipping details will be sent to you via email. For e-tickets, the e-ticket number along with the itinerary and PNR will be sent you via email upon realization of full payment.

There will be no extra charges for the delivery of the travel products within United States and India. For other countries, a courier fee will be charged from the customer. To know about charges, please speak to our customer service representatives.

As mentioned BookMyTicket will ensure to ship the tickets through a leading courier company. However, BookMyTicket cannot be and will not be responsible for any loss/damage of shipment by the courier company.


I am an NRI. Can you issue and deliver tickets for my parents / friends in India if I pay for them from outside India?

Yes, we will be very happy to do the same. The only condition is that our network should include that town. Presently, we are capable of delivering to the top 500 cities in India.

I have booked a ticket on bookmyticket.Com. When will it be delivered to me?

It will be delivered within 48 hours in Delhi and Mumbai. For other cities, the ticket will be couriered and will reach you within 72 hours.

I have sent a ticket back to you for a refund. How long it will take to credit my card?

This takes about two billing cycles (3-4 weeks) before a credit note is issued. Our accounts section sends the ticket through the BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan). They, in turn, send the debit back to airline and request them for a refund. Hence, the time taken is a little long.

How will my flight tickets be delivered?

Tickets will be delivered by Elbee / Airbourne Express, or certified mail to you.

Electronic Tickets ("e-Tickets")

What is an e-Ticket?

An e-Ticket is a paperless electronic document with a unique confirmation number given to passengers in place of a paper ticket. Passengers are required to produce the unique confirmation number at the airport airline counter to claim the e-Ticket.

How will I get my e-Ticket details?

Your e-Ticket details will be sent to your email address provided by you at the time of making the payment for your booking. In case you do not have an email address, the details will be given to you over the phone.

If you do not receive your e-ticket within 8 hours of making your booking on, please call a Customer Care Representative at:022 - 61419999

Paper Tickets

All GDS carrier (Air India, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, and JetLite) will be dispatched to the delivery address provided at the time of booking within 3 business days of making the booking. All the tickets would be couriered to you without any additional cost. BookMyTicket shall not be held responsible if customer is not available at the time of delivery.

Is it necessary to show my BookMyTicket Reference Number Confirmation email at the airport check-in counter of the airline?

It is not mandatory to show your BookMyTicket Reference Number Confirmation email. In case you are not carrying the BookMyTicket Reference Number Confirmation email, you will need to show a photographic identity proof (passport, driver's license etc.) at the airport check-in counter of the airline. However, it is advisable that you carry your BookMyTicket Reference Number Confirmation email and e-Ticket together.

Is it necessary to carry my e-ticket with me?

Yes, it is mandatory for you to carry a copy of your e-ticket as sent by In the event that you fail to present a copy of your e-ticket, BookMyTicket Online Pvt. Ltd will not be held responsible if the Airline does not issue a boarding pass/ disallows you from traveling.

How will I get my boarding pass for an e-Ticket?

You will need to show your e-Ticket confirmation email and e-Ticket number along with a photographic identity proof (passport, driver's license etc.) at the airport check-in counter of the airline. The airline representative will issue your boarding pass at that time.

Prepaid Ticket Advice ("PTA")

A PTA is a Prepaid Ticket Advice. We will give you a PTA number that you need to present at the airport check-in counter of the airline. The airline representative will print and give you your ticket at that time.